86.000 seconds - sometime someday in America


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This film is available in English and German.

The story of AL BARNUM is a portrait of an unusual star: Born in the black slums of Philadelphia and having realised the American Dream as a successful entrepreneur, Barnum becomes socially engaged and spiritually conscious.
86 000 Seconds is a fascinating insight into values you might think are long lost – those of the American soul.


This film is available in English and German.

AL BARNUM has made it. An Afro-American by birth and brought up in a working-class neighbourhood of Philadelphia, he first worked as a teacher, before switching to a more lucrative job, as a chauffeur of luxury limousines. These days, he’s the owner of a successful company. For 15 years, he drove the beautiful, the wealthy and the famous, as well as lovestruck couples and newlyweds, through the streets of Los Angeles. Then, he discovered his vocation - values which might seem totally un-American: spirituality and earnestness.

We witness Al BARNUM’s story from his time as an entrepreneur right back to when he was a teacher and mentor – largely of black children and youths whom the system had abandoned. And his passengers tell their own stories of America, describe ways of finding themselves, asserting their convictions and surviving beyond the relentless hunger for dollars and success.

A fascinating insight into values you might have thought were long lost: those of the American soul


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95 min
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suitable for all ages

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