The Farmer and the Earthworms


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This film is available in German only.

Sepp and Irene Braun started farming organically way back in 1984. For them, their farm is about more that just sustainable agriculture. The Brauns see ecological farming as a solution to the global problem of climate change.


This film is available in German only.

Whereas a square metre of conventionally-farmed land is home to around 16 earthworms, on Sepp Braun’s farm, the figure stands at 25.
For him, creating an environment which encourages the worms is nothing more than simple common sense. Their tunnels extend two metres down into the soil. Together with the valuable humus provided by their dung, this means the ground on the Braun’s farm can absorb up to 150 litres of water an hour. Conventionally-farmed land, by contrast, cannot, and the results – flooding and erosion – are becoming ever-more common and ever-more destructive.

Unsurprisingly, the farm is popular with curious visitors. Still, even the Brauns are taken by surprise when the wife of the President of Senegal comes to visit!


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