We love potatoes - Linda, Sieglinde & Co.


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This film is available in German only.

Take a look around most shops, and you’d be forgiven for thinking there are only one or two types of potato in the world. In fact, there are dozens: yellow, blue and red ones; round ones, long ones and oval ones; crooked ones, lumpy-bumpy ones…


This film is available in German only.

Ever more consumers and producers are coming to the conclusion that the range currently on offer is far too limited. They have fond childhood memories of homemade potato dishes and, now, they want to use potatoes not just as a starchy filler, but as the focus of their cooking.

In this film, we meet people with a passion for potatoes. They’re used to being dismissed as eccentrics and fools, but their love for this most humble of vegetables stems from the love they have for their local area. That’s why they place value on regional differences in agriculture. And they realise that potatoes can enrich our cuisine in so many ways. How about roast potatoes with rosemary, creamy potato soup, potato ravioli with fresh mushrooms, mashed potato – or good, simple, boiled potatoes with lashings of butter?


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