Blue Eyed


Available in English, German (on one DVD) and French.

For the first time, many white people become acquainted with the feeling of belonging to a condemned group which can never win. They experience the feeling of being discriminated against, in the same way that soclety today discriminates against women, peopie with a different skin color or the disabled.
In only 15 minutes, Jane Elliott manages to build up a realistic micro-cosmos of society today, with all its phenomena and feelings. As already known from the well reputed Milgram experiment, even participants who knew the "rules" are unable to remain uninvolved.
What starts as a game, turns into cruel reality which causes some participants' emotions to errupt with unforeseen intensity...


Available in English, German (on one DVD) and French.

1968. Martin Luther King Jr. is shot dead in Memphis, Tennessee. The following day, in Riceville, Iowa, primary school teacher Jane Elliot carries out a radical exercise in her classroom. She divides her students into two groups on the basis of one arbitrary, physical property: Do they have blue eyes, or brown? Elliot declares those who happen to have blue eyes to be superior and more intelligent. She grants them privileges that she denies to those who are brown-eyed. They are condemned as inferior, less intelligent and lower-qualified.

20 years later, and Elliot has dedicated her life to the fight against prejudice, ignorance and racism. Her audience is now much broader. It includes teachers, students, firemen, and even the entire staff of a bank. But her message remains the same.

For many white people, Elliott’s workshop is the first time they experience the feeling of belonging to a condemned group. They become acquainted with discrimination in the same way that women, people with a different skin color, or the disabled experience discrimination in wider society. Within the space of 15 minutes, Jane Elliott succeeds in creating a realistic microcosm of modern society, with all its unspoken rules and assumptions.

As was established in the controversial “Milgram” experiment - in which participants were instructed to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscience - even those who are uncomfortable with society’s rules find themselves drawn into the system. What begins as a game turns into a cruel reality, driving some participants to erupt in intense and unforeseen outbursts of emotion.

Awarded with 16 international Prizes:

One-Future-Preis: Honorable Mention, Munich 1996 -- Nomination IDA-Awards, Int. Documentary Association, Los Angeles 1996 -- Findling, Int. Documentary Film Festival, Leipzig 1996 -- One of the Outstanding Documentaries1996, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science, Los Angeles 1996 -- Chris Award: Bronze, Columbus Int. Film & Video Festival, USA 1996 -- Audience Award, I.D.F.A., Amsterdam 1996 -- Audience Award: Best Documentary, The Nortel Palm Springs Int. Film Festival, Palm Springs 1997 -- International Federation of Journalists Media Award: Honorable Mention, 1997 -- Nomination INPUT, Nantes 1997 -- Certificate for Creative Excellence, US Int. Film and Video Festival, Elmhurst 1997 -- 1st Prize in the category information, CIVIS Medienstiftung 1997 -- 1st Prize of the Youth Jury, CIVIS Medienstiftung 1997 -- Best Film of 1997, Central Florida Film & Video Festival 1997 -- Gran Premio della Giuria del Pubblico (Publikumspreis), Maremma Documentary Festival, Pitigliano 1997 -- Finalist Certificate in the Category Human Relations, The New York Festival 1998 -- Best German Film, Black Int. Cinema Film-/Video Festival Berlin & USA 1998


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