Nuclear Split


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This film is available in German only.

1985: The “Nuclear Split” to which this film’s title refers is a feature of life in the Upper Palatinate, a region of West Germany bordering Czechoslovakia.
In the rural communities surrounding the proposed nuclear reprocessing plant, these divisive processes are occurring in the local population. Molotov cocktails and tear gas shells, helicopters shooting over barbed wire fences.
Since the location of the nuclear reprocessing plant was finally decided on February 4th 1985, many people in the Upper Palatinate have seen their lives change radically.


This film is available in German only.

The film gives deep insight into the ecological destruction of rural areas; it depicts the nuclear energy policies linked with the construction of a reprocessing plant and it elucidates the peril to which the people are subjected from noxious emissions.
In the course of this, the endangered population of the Upper Palatinate is clearly in the foreground with regard to its personal and political process of change.
Former loyal citizens are transformed into cautious radicals. People express their rage helplessly and belligerently at home as well as face to face with armed, shield-protected policemen in the midst of civil warlike clashes.

Awarded with 11 international Prizes:

Documentary film award of the city of Munich 1987 -- Film of the Month, Jury of the Evangelic Filmwork 1987 -- Media Pedagogical Award 1987 -- Best journalistic achievement, Ökomedia 1987 -- Award of the city of Freiburg 1987 -- Promotion Award, International Jugendfilmtest 1987 -- Award of the German Film Critics, Filmweek Duisburg 1987 -- Silver Dove, Documentary Film Festival Leipzig 1987 -- Summa cum Laude, Gold, Medicinale International Parma 1987 -- German Youth-Video-Award 1987-- Best Documentary, Reader's Jury epd-Film 1987


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