The Secret and the Sacred - Two worlds at Los Alamos


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This film is available in English and German.

Los Alamos. Secret City of the Atomic Age. Birthplace of the Atomic Bomb. During World War II this hidden boy scout camp in the highlands of Northern New Mexico became the center of the Manhattan Project.


This film is available in English and German.

Robert Oppenheimer and 1500 scientists and engineers worked in secrecy until Trinity, the first bomb exploded in the desert of White Sands on Monday, July 16, 1945. This Monday changed the world.

More than 50 years later, Los Alamos is still there. Financed by the US Department of Energy and the Department of Defense, the Los Alamos National Laboratories are one of the biggest science centers of the Western world.
Leading through this film are two eloquent opponents to Los Alamos: Ed Grothus and Greg Mello.
Ed Grothus came here to built “better bombs”. Today he says “one bomb is too many”. It was during the Vietnam War when Ed, after 20 years at the lab changed sides and became a pacifist. Today he runs the "Black Hole", a former super market now filled with high Tec waste from Los Alamos National Laboratories.

The Black Hole is also a meeting point of peace activists and artists, like Greg Mello and Erika Wanenmacher.

Greg Mello was an inspector of the environmental department of the New Mexico government when he first came to Los Alamos in the late eighties to check the lab’s toxic and radioactive waste management. This visit changed his life. Greg: “They lied to me. Lying to a inspector is a violation of law”. These lies turned him into an activist. He quit his job and started the Los Alamos Study Group, and independent institute to watch the lab and research the truth behind well sounding press releases.

The film ends with a piece of film which was not meant to reach the public: Steve Younger, head of the nuclear weapons department addresses the employees of his department. We learn about America’s role as the planet’s police force.


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