License "The Agro Rebel"


(€37.38 / Lizenz)

License for non-commerical screenings of The Agro Rebel


Important information:

  • You, the license-holder, have the right to screen the film in public. You may screen the film as often as you like, for the lifetime of the DVD.
  • The DVD itself is not included in the price of the license. If you require a copy of the film, please order it separately here: DVD "The Agro Rebel" or press the above button "plus DVD".
  • The film may be screened ONLY by the individual or organization named on the license. Please do not pass licenses on to other parties.
  • Please contact us for press releases, pictures, posters or any other promotional material:
  • Should you wish to lend the DVD to another party, you require a “V+Ö” license. To obtain one, please contact us at: or call +49 (0)89 - 526601
  • It is forbidden to upload a film to any internet platform or to pass it to a TV station – no matter how small or regional!
  • Information for schools/teachers/lecturers: Even screenings in class are public and require a license

In keeping to the above conditions, you’re helping us to produce more films that "make a difference".


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